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.. If you have a desired or required score, 20/20 Test Prep is the way to go!
— -Lance A. Wheeler Doctor of Physical Therapy
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GRE Course Organization

Our GRE Weekday/Weekend Courses are designed to assist you through the entire GRE test preparation process. 20/20 Prep's GRE courses offer rigorous time-efficient preparation at competitive prices. We offer an accelerated 4-week course in addition to our 8-week course. We also offer a separate add-on Basic Math Skills Course geared towards reinforcing fundamental math skills above and beyond what is covered in the Flex GRE Course. 

The GRE course emphasizes individual attention and scheduling flexibility. Our classes are typically comprised of eight to twelve students. Affordable pricing, small class sizes, and a flexible one-year membership set us apart from the competition.  

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GRE Course Packages & Prices

Full GRE Flex Course ($630)

Our GRE Quantitative and Verbal courses combined provide a total of 24 hours of intensive GRE preparation. Reinforcing the fundamental skills you need to master the exam while also imparting our instructor's unique insights into the tips and strategies to master the GRE our Flex GRE course is designed to offer the peace of mind of knowing that you have an entire year to make up missed classes or simply reinforce difficult subject matter on an as-needed basis! click for more

GRE Verbal Only ($380)

Already proficient in the Math Section? Enroll in our 12-hr intensive GRE Verbal-Only Course. click for more    

Private Tutoring ($75 PER HR)

Are you seeking the extra attention afforded by private tutoring? Whether you are looking for extra help to supplement our GRE Courses or you prefer to prepare via one-on-one interaction, our Private Tutoring sessions more than meet your needs! click for more

Full GRE Flex Course Plus Basic Math Skills ($800)

This is our special on-demand course packed with skills you need to tackle tough GRE questions with ease! By combining our Basic Math Skills Course with the precision of our regular GRE course you can overcome the challenges of mastering basic math skills that may have been long forgotten and the hurdle of dealing with the specific subject areas of the GRE itself. click for more

GRE Quant Only ($380)

Already proficient in the Verbal Section? Enroll in our 12-hr intensive GRE Quantitative-Only Course. click for more

Basic Math Course ($200)

Do your Math Skills need extra special attention? Our GRE Basic Math Skills Course will help you refresh and reinforce your math skill over and above our GRE Math Course. click for more


Basic Math Course GRE Quant Only GRE Verbal Only Full GRE Flex Course GRE Course &
Basic Math Skills
One year access to classes* YES YES YES YES
Flexible scheduling with weekday &
weekend classes
Course Materials Included YES YES YES YES
8 Or 4-Week Merry-Go-Around YES YES YES YES
Extra Online Support** YES YES YES YES YES
$200 $380 $380 $630 $800


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Convenient Location

GRE Classes are held at the The Healey Building, 57 Forsyth Street NW