Testimonials — See what our student are saying about their experience at 20/20 Prep

I took the Middle Grades Math Exam at least three times before I decided that I need more help. I decided to look for prep courses so that I could pass the test. I finally found information about 20/20 Prep and called for more information. Let just say after I went for my session, I passed the test! I initially scored 194 and after working with 20/20 Prep I scored over the required score of 220. I would recommend 2020 Prep to anyone who is struggling to pass this test. Sometimes we just need that extra help to succeed! Thank you 20/20 Prep for all your help!
— Enishea Loggins enishea8888@aol.com
20/20 Prep is a superior tutoring program. I had failed the Math and Science portion of the GACE exam twice before I went to 20/20 Prep. Upon receiving tutoring, my score increased by over 40 points and I passed my exam! They are an excellent program - they gave me questions very similar to the actual exam and most of all I could tell that the tutors really cared about me. I highly recommend 20/20 Prep to anyone who needs assistance with the GACE, GRE, and GMAT exams!
— Stephanie Hunter, BA Spelman College stephaniehunter12@comcast.net
The GACE test is seriously the most stressful test I have ever taken. I took both parts of the early childhood GACE 001 and 002 however I could not pass 001, the English, language arts, and social studies. I took the test two times and failed pretty badly both times, so I decided to contact 20/20 prep and Kristina helped me majorly. She really knows her stuff and she is the best person for the job. She was always super friendly and she never made me feel stupid. She provided me with several study questions and she would personally go through each one with me to explain them. She is AWESOME!!! I bought several study guides and flashcards online and they are such a waste of money. If you are stressed about this test do not give up take another step and contact 20/20 Prep. They made it where my dream can come true and I passed and my score came up over 30 points.
— Jenny Fowler cinderellajf@yahoo.com
20/20 Prep was a wonderful source for helping me pass test one of the GACE Early Childhood Ed. While I passed test two the first time I took it, I was struggling with the first part. After taking it the third time, I decided to get a tutor and Kristina Davies at 20/20 Prep was awesome! We met three times about 3 weeks before the test date and I passed the first part which was Social Studies and Language Arts. I am so relieved and excited to have this certification under my belt. I am a visual arts teacher and wanted to have this certifcation as a back up. I would definitely encourage anyone having trouble passing to get in touch with them. They are wonderful and very professional. I would use them again.Thanks so much 20/20 Prep.
— Kelly Shippey
I struggled with the GACE for nine months and failed it three times prior. My biggest struggle was the English/Language Arts and Social Studies portion. I would study for 3-5 hours daily, yet I was not connecting to what GACE was looking for when it came to exam time. I had tried private tutoring and getting help from my professors, but I was still missing the mark by about 10 points. I found 20/20 GACE Prep online and figured it couldn’t hurt to speak to someone. I only had 2 weeks before my next attempt. Kristina Davies listened to my specific needs and gave me the specific material and information I needed, so I poured into the material and give it my very best shot. Specifically, Kristina showed me how I was missing the mark with how I was approaching the construct response. I am thrilled to share I got a 246 on my exam! These people really know what they are doing and have your best interest in mind. If you are at your wits end, give 20/20 GACE Prep a try and see how much of a difference it can make to help you succeed in your academic achievements!
— Rebekah Star Smith
I am very happy that I found this company to help me prepare me for the GACE Early Childhood test. I found the materials they used extremely helpful with studying and passing the GACE test. The materials they provided were better then any materials I have used from the GACE website or that I have purchased. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs tutoring for the GACE. The instructor prepared me for my test and gave me the confidence that I needed to pass the test. I have always struggled with standardized testing and I am fortunate to have found this tutoring company. Not only was my instructor always helpful, but he was very professional with scheduling appointments. 20/20 Prep always made a point to contact me before the tutoring session and made sure I fully understood the material being taught before we moved onto new material. They also cared about me passing the test as much as I did. My instructor always offered more help and even followed up with a phone call after I had received my scores to see how I did. Thanks to the 20/20 Prep Course I was prepared enough to pass the test!
— Angela Weldon ajwells27@gmail.com
I am from out of state and knew I needed more guidance, help and tips for taking the GACE, especially since I was not familiar with this specific test. I unfortunately realized this after I took my first test and lost the confidence and momentum to keep taking the other three. I felt like there was no way I could pass all four tests and decided to seek out 20/20 prep. 20/20 Prep was exactly what I needed and they skyped with me the whole weekend and went through a crash course of all subject areas I needed to master. I had a much better understanding of what I needed to focus on and what I needed to have a passing score. More often than not, I got to the test and saw the exact material I had studied with the help of 20/20 prep. I passed all four tests on the first try and am so thankful for the time and energy 20/20 prep spent to help me succeed! I would recommend to everyone :)
— Morgan Feeney

 I want to thank you for helping me pass the GACE Early Childhood Assessment 002. The study materials were very helpful and similar to the test. My initial scores were 212.and 213 and I almost gave up on retaking the test. After your course, I scored a 230. Your course really helped. 

--E. Jones

Great preparation! I struggled with both the math and the reading in the Basic Skills Exam, but with 20/20 Prep’s intensive tutoring I passed both the next time. The test is not just memorization but an actual understanding of the content knowledge. 20/20 Prep helped me achieve this understanding!
— Katherine Niles katherineniles@yahoo.com
I want to thank you again for helping me pass the GACE Basic Skills Math Exam! Your class helped me change my attitude and perspective towards math. It also helped me change my approach and the study packets you gave me were exactly like the problems on the test.
— Erica Swint-Williams