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2020 prep was essential to my success on the GMAT. I started studying for the exam at the end of August and took it at the end of October. What I love about working with 2020 prep is the small class sizes and flexibility. The instructors are incredibly personable and care about your success. Each step of the way, they reached out to inquire about my progress and suggest additional resources to aid in my prep. I ended up scoring a 740 - which was a 140 point score improvement from one of my first diagnostic prep tests. If you have questions about working with them, feel free to email me.
— Kate Kitts, katekitts1@gmail.com
Signing up for classes with 20/20 Prep was the best decision I made in preparing for the GMAT Exam. I found every minute of class to be useful, and most of the questions I saw on the exam were very similar to those covered in class. The six different courses were well set up to cover not only the theoretical material, but also how to approach the different types of problems. I found my self using all of the strategies taught in class throughout the entire test. Not only was the in class material helpful, but also the problem sets I that could work through outside of class were essential in my preparation for test day. I highly recommend this program. I just got a 730 and have 20/20 Prep to thank for it! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!
— Wes York, wesyork726@gmail.com
I attempted to study on my own for the GMAT for a while. I bought the Kaplan prep book and got to work. Fast forward a couple months and after studying with the Kaplan prep book my initial practice test put me around a 580. Wanting to get into top 5 ranked MBA program, a score like that just wouldn’t do. My co-worker recommended me to 20/20 prep, and the rest was history. Lucas and Kristina helped me raise both my quantitative and verbal scores drastically over the course of a month, turning my meager 580 into a solid 740 on test day. I could not be happier with my experience at 20/20 prep. Their targeted approach to the variety of questions types asked on the test made the actual questions easier to attack, regardless of difficulty level. I would highly recommend 20/20 prep to anyone studying for the GMAT.
— - Joey Barrick, josef0923@gmail.com
After studying with 20/20 Prep for about 5 months, I was able to overcome my most frustrating academic obstacle yet: the Graduate Record Exam. Previous to taking the course with Lucas and Kristina, I had studied on my own and taken the GRE with very unsatisfactory results. It was obvious that I needed to attend a test prep course to increase my scores. What initially caught my eye about 20/20 prep was the affordability. My research had shown that most test prep centers were charging double the price of 20/20 prep. In addition to the low price, Lucas also offered to let me come check out a class for free! Needless to say, I was sold after my first session. Lucas and Kristina not only gave me the materials I needed to ace my test, they also gave me confidence and affirmation. They were the first ones I called after retaking my exam and all three of us cheered with joy as I announced my score of 306 out of 340. I had scored higher than my goal and qualified to apply to some of the top graduate programs in the country; my score went from 144/145 to 152/154. I am eternally grateful for their support and guidance.
— Anna Marie. To contact Anna Marie, email us
The 20/20 GRE Prep-Class offered by Lucas and Kristina was invaluable in helping me to attain my goal of getting into Physical Therapy school. They were very hands-on and attentive to every students’ needs. They were also extremely well-prepared and very knowledgeable about the course material and they were even able to give “test tips” that I was able to use while taking the GRE. If you have a desired or required score, 20/20 Test Prep is the way to go!
— -Lance A. Wheeler Doctor of Physical Therapy lancewheeler10@gmail.com
As a student from Europe, I was looking for a GMAT prep course that could provide me not only the nuts and bolts of the GMAT test, but also an in-depth understanding of various types of problems. After phoning and speaking with the course instructor I knew that this course had everything I was looking for - a flexible schedule, small classes, and an affordable price point. After 6 weeks of classes, I felt more confident. My quantitative abilities - already in a good shape before starting the course - soared and I was completely prepared for high-level GMAT questions. My verbal scores underwent marked improvement. And another bonus... my English is now much better as well. The final result on test day - 700. Email Andrea-andreamenegazzo@gmail.com
— Andrea Menegazzo
When I finally made a decision to get my MBA, I was lost as to which program I should join to help me prepare for the GMAT. I knew I could not commit to a strict program such as the Princeton Review because of my schedule and cost. I finally contacted 20/20 Prep and was happy to hear that I could sit in on a session and make up any sessions that I missed. The price was perfect, and the fact that I could combine both classes and private tutoring was great. My instructor saw me through every part of the GMAT process and even assisted me in guiding me through the application process. He was always available when I called worried about my test or applications. I will begin my MBA this Fall at GSU. This was my number one pick, and I owe it all to 20/20 Prep. Email Rebecca - rkameika65@gmail.com
— Rebecca Kameika, Georgia State University, Robinson MBA
In December 2008 I decided to pursue an MBA degree. Being an engineer but also an international student I had mixed feelings. I felt intimidated by the verbal section and though confident in my math skills, worried about understanding the language invoked in the word problems of the math section. I studied for about 2 months on my own, took the test and was disappointed in my score. Even though I was accepted at several schools, I was still on the wait list at my top choice, Georgia Tech. I decided to try to raise my score one more time. I knew I needed some help. I went online and found GMAT 20/20 Prep. I was immediately put in touch with an instructor who explained their methodology and asked me about my weak areas on the GMAT. Due to their flexible scheduling I started the next day. The problems we worked on in the class were very similar to problems on the actual exam. My instructor was very accessible throughout the course. I was able to reach him almost 24/7 (which was not even an option in other GMAT courses). He gave me so many sources to study from. If I had signed up for GMAT 20/20 Prep before I took the test the first time, I wouldn’t have had to buy so many books and waste so much time. 20/20 Prep was able to cover all the topics in GMAT with a plenty of in class sample problems. In a little over a month I was ready to take it again. I scored 50 points higher and was immediately accepted to Georgia Tech! GMAT 20/20 Prep is a supremely efficient and affordable GMAT course. I highly recommend it!
— Sezin Kilinicci, Georgia Institute of Technology MBA
On the very same day that I scored a mediocre 570 on the GMAT, I phoned 20/20 Prep. I am a mechanical engineer from the Georgia Institute of Technology and expected more of myself. Due to their flexible scheduling I was able to join a class the very next day. In exactly one month, I was ready to take the GMAT again. Because of the demands of my job as an engineer at a major airline, I was only able to do the problems that we did in class. By applying the principles learned in this class alone, I was able to excel and achieve my target score of 700! This score was a 130 point improvement. Given that I only applied to schools in Atlanta, I have been accepted to Emory University, University of Georgia, and Georgia State and am optimistic about receiving scholarships! I would highly recommend 20/20 Prep’s course to anyone looking for a dramatic improvement. Admissions officers were amazed at the drastic change that was made in my score in only a month’s time. The tips and strategies complemented by the personal attention of the staff of 20/20 Prep and their afterhours availability really made the difference—Email: Armond at armond@armond30.com
— Armond Lemon—Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business, MBA
Just as every other MBA aspirant, I was forced to face this challenging exam - the GMAT - and somehow attain the magical score to get into a reputed B school. Back in 2008, I took the Manhattan GMAT online program (spent about $1000) and took my first attempt in the GMAT exam. I prepared for 3 months after completing the MGMAT course and ended up with a score of 540. Disappointed with my score, I lost my interest to pursue an MBA until the fall of 2010. Somehow I brought my spirits up and wanted to attack this exam and prove to myself that I could get a better score. This was my New Year resolution for 2011. When I was looking around for in-person contact classes in Atlanta, I came across a few crash courses with a price tag in the range of $500 - $900. Most of them were either weekday or weekend courses (and not hybrid) and per the course description it lasted for about 20 hours or so. I was intrigued when I came across 20/20 Prep’s GMAT Course, especially with the flexible features: Weekend, Weekday and Hybrid versions available, small class size (5 - 10), suitable timings for working professionals and best of all, you can repeat the classes over and over again for up to 1 year. I haven’t heard of this anywhere else in the US (to my limited knowledge). It sounded like the ideal course I was looking for. However, I was a little skeptical at first because the only reviews I could find on the Internet about the 20/20 program was on the home page of 20/20 itself and not on any third party websites. I spoke to the instructor to inquire about the program and he invited me to attend a trial class to see if I really liked it. The try before you buy option is an awesome selling point because it reflects the confidence the seller has on his/her product. After attending the trial class, I was very sure that this is the right program for me. In just less than 2.5 months, I completed my 20/20 GMAT prep course and took my GMAT. Apart for the contact classes, I spent 1 to 2 hours per day preparing for the GMAT exam. I constantly started scoring between 610 and 660 in the practice tests. I finally took my GMAT again after approximately 2.5 months since I joined 20/20 GMAT prep and over 2.5 years since I took the first exam and I scored a 640. Note: I did not prepare for my second GMAT until i started going to the 20/20 program. I was glad with the 100 point increase with such a quick preparation. I definitely would recommend the 20/20 GMAT prep for folks who are either first time GMAT takers or for those who are looking to improve the score. The instructor was very methodological and his pace was neither too fast nor too slow. He was open to questions, provided alternative solutions to problems (although he prescribes simple ones :) ) and took time to understand students’ specific needs. I give 5 stars to this GMAT course! Email Mohi - mohideenpillai@gmail.com
— Mohi Pillai - University of California, Davis MBA
When I decided to pursue my MBA and was told I had just 3 weeks to study for my GMAT, I was more than a bit worried. I had never taken the test before and needed at least a 600 for my program. As an international student from Europe, I knew the language component would be challenging. I phoned 20/20 Prep’s GMAT Course and immersed myself in classes. I did all of the exercises provided. I didn’t have time to do additional exercises from other GMAT prep books. The prep course material was reflective of the exam itself, and our instructor was an excellent teacher. In the weeks before the test I was only scoring in the upper 400s to mid 500s - the day of the test I scored 600!! Just what I needed! The course was very efficient, 20/20 Prep did a great job prepping me and I strongly recommend them!
— H.A - Georgia Institute of Technology Executive MBA
When I first decided to take the GMAT, I thought I would have no trouble achieving my desired score. I was wrong. I studied on my own on and off for about 6 months. My score on my practice exams stayed in the 540 – 580 range. No matter how hard I studied or how many times I went back and spent time correcting my answers, the score stayed in the 500’s. In an online search I discovered the 20/20 Prep course and read the testimonials. I was able to contact each person via email. This personal contact gave me more faith in 20/20 Prep than in any other test prep company. I started the class in June and after sitting in on the first class, I was sold! My instructor, was both methodical and patient. He not only made sure every student understood each question, but he worked to ensure that given a similar question you would be able to derive an answer on your own. The flexibility of the class was great considering my full-time, out of town work schedule. When we were not in class, Lucas gave us plenty of optional problems to work on, this aspect contributed to my success. As I was forced to work on problems with no one’s assistance, I started to see where my weaknesses were. Lucas made himself available practically 24 hours a day via phone and email and of course before or after class was a great time to work on any outstanding questions. He was 100% vested in my success. On my next practice exam on June 28th I scored a 650. On the real exam on July 1st my final score was a 620. This was what I was in need of for my program. I am extremely grateful to the 20/20 Prep team for their personal attention. –Email Samlara -sambaah@gmail.com
— Samlara Baah - Georgia Institute of Technology Executive MBA

I can't begin to express how grateful I am for the one-on-one tutoring that I received from 20/20 Prep.  I'm a 34 year old wife and mother with a full-time job, and I made the decision to apply to school to get my MBA after 12 years out of undergrad.  Needless to say, the whole process was a little daunting, but not as much as taking the GMAT itself.  I took it for the first time in early December 2011 after doing some self-study for about 6 weeks.  I got a 510 and was extremely disappointed.  I was applying to one program only - the accelerated One-Year MBA Program at Emory University's Goizueta Business School, and I knew that I needed a higher score to be competitive. I called 20/20 Prep about 2 weeks later and signed up to start tutoring sessions one-on-one in Math with Lucas.  From the first session, I knew that I had made the right decision.  Lucas and I worked together approximately 2 times a week over 4 weeks or so.  I took the second test 6 weeks after my first test and scored 100 points higher, earning a 610.  I'm confident that with more time with Lucas, I could have scored even higher.  But, I feel great about my achievement given all of my personal and professional commitments and the short time I had to prepare.  I would (and have already) recommend anyone to 20/20 Prep.

--Rhonda Fischer, Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business, MBA

I began studying with 20/20 about 3 months before my test date having done no prior work and am so appreciative of the help that they gave along the way. From the initial call to see if it would be a good fit to calling to let them know that I got a 670 they were always able to help. The courses themselves were extremely beneficial because the answer explanations in the packets that 20/20 gave were much easier to follow than the answer explanations in the Official GMAT Prep Books that I used alongside the course. This allowed me to get a lot more out of my independent study than I otherwise would've been able to by just studying on my own. The class sizes are great, there were never more than 7-8 people per class that I attended, which allowed for a lot of explanation and questions to help my understanding. Thanks so much!

--David Cobble, Emory University

After studying on my own for a few months I found myself extremely overwhelmed by the math section. I decided that I needed some extra assistance with the quantitative section. 20/20 Prep was by far the most affordable option I could find, and I also appreciated that I could start the very next week with their flexible scheduling. The instructor was WONDERFUL— patient, clear and so helpful. The classes were a perfect blend of general GMAT tips along with specific math instruction. After taking only four classes with 20/20 Prep, my score went up 110 points, from 510 on the practice exam to 660 on test day. I was thrilled with my score, and would highly recommend 20/20 Prep to anyone interested in acing the exam. Kathleen Donahoe - ekdonaho@syr.edu
— Kathleen Donahoe - Georgia State University, Robinson MBA
After studying on my own for over a year, 20/20 Prep enabled me to go from a 480 to 610 in just one month … a 130 point improvement! The personalized attention, small class size, and mentoring really made the difference. Upon demonstrating such dramatic improvement I was immediately accepted at both Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. 20/20 Prep really crystallized many of the concepts I was weak on
— Akbar Amadhani—Georgia Institute of Technology, MBA
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Lucas Haque and the 20/20 Prep team as GMAT/GRE instructors and tutors.
During the two months I engaged with 20/20 Prep instructors, I found them to be efficient, conscientious, intelligent and of an even disposition. They had excellent knowledge of effective GMAT strategies and possessed a very strong, trustworthy academic background. I can truthfully say they were the best instructors I have ever used throughout my academic career.
I recommend 20/20 Prep without reservation and I know the instructors’ impeccable lesson plan preparation will be considered helpful and responsible for other test-takers.
— Sykes Radford
“I took the 20/20 GRE math prep course with Lucas after a couple disappointing months of studying the GRE textbooks, and I am SO thankful for their help. I signed up for the 20/20 prep (as well at the Emory Sunday GRE prep) and was immediately impressed with the quality of instruction through 20/20. The classes are small, and offered at convenient times for the 9-5 schedule. Lucas is thorough and explains every concept, breaking it down in a very clear manner. He makes sure each student understands before moving on, and he even came to recognize each student’s “confused” face (you know what I’m talking about) and would check in with us as needed. You will feel completely comfortable asking questions. The 20/20 packets are very helpful and mirror Lucas’s explanations from class - they’re a great review tool between classes. Lucas is extremely invested in and dedicated to his students. I needed to get at least a 300 for my veterinary medicine applications, and I ended up getting a 308 (after scoring just below a 300 in 2010) ! As I mentioned, I simultaneously took the Emory Sunday GRE Prep course. What I got for triple the cost of the 20/20 prep course was a professor reading a GRE prep book to me, telling me the answers, and not explaining concepts or answering students questions well. Don’t waste your money on the Emory course - you will get so much more (including the score you need!) with 20/20 prep. Highly recommend!”
— Emily English, Emilyjaneenglish@gmail.com
I knew when I decided to apply to business school that I wanted to go to a Top Ten program. To achieve that goal, I felt I needed to target a GMAT score in the 700 range. While I felt confident that I could perform well on the verbal portion of the exam, my quantitative skills needed improvement. It had been more than 20 years since my last math class! I researched many prep courses. I decided to take 20/20 Prep’s quantitative course. The instructor was wonderful - patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. With his guidance, I learned to attack the quantitative questions with greater confidence and my scores on practice tests improved consistently. I scored 710 on the GMAT and was accepted into the Top Five business school of my choice! 20/20 Prep was a good investment for me. A.C. - acckmg@yahoo.com
— A.C. - Accepted Top 5 Ranked MBA Program
I took the GMAT in Ghana in February and scored an abysmal 490. I decided I needed outside help and decided to come to the US to get it. I called 20/20 Prep the day I arrived and set up a free trial the next day. About 10 minutes into the class, I decided to sign up for the following 6 weeks. Lucas has a special way of breaking down complex concepts to easily understandable parts. It helped that he had taken the actual test several times and gave important pointers during class. I took the test again in June and scored a 640. This, in addition to their application essay services, allowed me to get into my dream MBA program.
— agya_twumasi@hotmail.com, Georgia Tech MBA Program
My business school journey started over two years ago. I took the GMAT twice on my own and I scored horribly—my highest score was a 420. I grew extremely frustrated and wasn’t quite sure how to go about conquering this exam and getting into a top ranked program in the state of Georgia. One thing I knew for sure was that I needed help,

I scoured the internet and i came across 20/20 Prep. I immediately went to their student testimonials in search of “hope” and boy did I find it. I was reading all these awesome stories of students just like me who had “overcome” the “beast” and have received admission to their dream schools. The proverbial light bulb went on and i reached out to Lucas. He was very encouraging and advised me to check it out with a free session and the rest is history.

All the tough topics i was unable to understand when I studied on my own simply became clear and made a lot of sense. I knew I was on to something. Fast-forward four months later, I took the test and to my utter amazement my score increased by a whopping 140 points! I was over the moon; my only regret was that I didn’t take the class sooner i would have saved myself a ton of GMAT exam fees. What is even more impressive is that Mr Lucas and his team went above and beyond for me: they helped me review my essays and I constantly spoke to him back and
forth throughout my business school application process.

He personally recommended me to Terry Business school and I am very proud to say I am officially a GA Bulldawg!

Professional MBA Class of 2014 here I come.

When I started this journey with 20/20 Prep, it was my dream to be able to write one of these testimonials and thank to God and Mr. Lucas, I can officially write one. This is to encourage any one out there struggling with the GMAT exam and looking for an affordable place to go with people
that really care about you even when the class is over.

I recommend Mr. Lucas and his team a thousand times over.
— Deji Lawrence, UGA, deji36@hotmail.com
When I decided to pursue the MBA program at Georgia Tech, my first goal was to score high on GMAT. English is not my native language and this was my first time taking the GMAT. I knew I needed help. I was very, very worried about the Verbal section. I searched for a GMAT prep course and found 20/20 Prep on Facebook. I was immediately interested in the course because of its flexibility and reasonable price. I also liked the fact that the class is not too big and the instructor, Lucas, always pays attention to all students not only in class but also outside the class. I found the techniques and strategies learned from class amazing. The tips really paid off when I took the real GMAT, especially for Verbal section. I scored 650 on my first attempt after only a month studying at 20/20 Prep. I believe that this course is suitable for everyone who wants to excel on either verbal section or math section. I strongly recommend it. Email Chanathip - ckupradit3@gatech.edu
— Chanathip Kupradit, Georgia Institute of Technology MBA
I truly believe the personalized tutoring I received from GMAT 20/20 was instrumental in my success on the GMAT exam. The tutoring and materials helped me identify my areas of weakness and enabled to focus on improving them. I originally took the GMAT in December 2008 after completing another GMAT prep course. After receiving a 610, I was accepted at The University of Tennessee and The University of Alabama, but my score wasn’t going to get me in my top choice, Georgia Tech. I studied on my own for two months, only to take the test in March 009 and score a 590. After this I was determined to increase my score! I contacted 20/20 Prep and set up a week of personalized tutoring sessions. I took the GMAT again on April 30, 2009 and scored a 670. I faxed the unofficial score report to Georgia Tech that afternoon and was accepted THE NEXT DAY! The help I received from Lucas and his team made all the difference. I only wish I would have found 20/20 Prep sooner because I could have saved myself a lot of time and money—Email: Alex alx1027@bellsouth.net
— Alex Adams—Georgia Institute of Technology, MBA
20/20 Prep was an instrumental part of my GMAT preparation. I knew that I needed to brush up on my math skills from high school, as well as learn the tips and tricks of the test. After searching online for various programs, I found 20/20 Prep to be an excellent value with a number of advantages over the traditional programs. I was able to enroll immediately with the flexibility of the program, receive more hours of classroom instruction, and enjoy a smaller class size. I was also able to repeat sessions that had given me trouble. 20/20 Prep offered all these benefits at a fraction of the cost of other services. The instructor always made himself availability to answer my questions I had and took a personal interest in each student’s success. Due to his help, I was able to score a 730 on the GMAT, placing me in the 96th percentile. Consequently, I will now be able to apply to the top tier business schools that I have targeted—Email: available on request, email info@2020prep.com
— R. Kohli
After studying on my own for two years, I was having difficulty with the math section. In doing some GMAT prep research, I came across 20/20 Prep. After previewing a class and witnessing how detailed and involved Lucas, the instructor, and the other students were, I knew this course was perfect for me. As the class progressed, I felt extremely comfortable in moving forward to take practice exams. At this point, I became highly discouraged and mentally stressed because I was scoring between 460-510 on the practice exams. Therefore, after many mental mind battles, I ended up taking the test in January on a whim (definitely not a smart idea but it worked out great for me) and scored a 650! Exactly one hundred points over the required entrance score. 20/20 Prep is a great course to register for in your preparation for the GMAT. The classes are small, the other students offer different ideas on how to attack a problem, and Lucas is phenomenal in assisting you not only with test strategies but also with personal growth because the journey to scoring high on the GMAT is definitely a rollercoaster ride
— T.J – Barry University, MBA & Certificate in Broadcasting Communications
After making the decision to pursue my MBA and studying on my own for a few months, I decided to look online to help me maximize my results. That’s where I came across 20/20 Prep’s GRE Course. I was drawn to them because of their convenient times and locations, as well as their reasonable prices compared to other competitors. So, I decided to give them a try and was first amazed by the down-to-earth environment that didn’t leave you intimidated. It was extremely easy to contact them whenever I needed. The classes were small in volume, too, which didn’t make you feel like a fly on a wall. I, at the end of the day, can not speak highly enough of Lucas and Kristina for all the work they did with me and others in my situation. I’m very glad for their help and very proud to be part of the 2015 MBA class at Illinois.
— Mansfield Wrotto - University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) 2015 Full MBA Program
When I first took the GMAT, I studied on my own for approximately 2 months. After completely overestimating myself and underestimating the exam, I scored a mere 390! When I received such a terrible score, I began to search online for GMAT prep courses and found them to be priced anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000! The price for the 20/20 Prep course was so affordable I was skeptical at first until I read the testimonials and spoke to the instructor personally. I was so impressed I enrolled immediately. After only one month of prep, I retook my GMAT and my score went up 200 points!! With a 590, I was able to get into the MBA program I wanted immediately even though deadline for applications had passed. Great class, great atmosphere, and a great instructor! Thanks Lucas, I owe you one! Email Hannah - hannahgoswick@gmail.com
— Hannah M. Goswick, Gonzaga University, MOL