Overall classroom preparation time is 30 hours.  Individual classes may run slightly overtime as instructors are allowed to adjust for unexpected learning road bumps.  Consequently, we give instructors the leeway to adjust class time based on their expert discretion.  

GMAT CourseQuantitative, Verbal, & Analytical Writing $680 30 hrs
GMAT Course plus Basic Math SkillsOur GMAT Course & an additional Basic Math Skills Workshop* $850 36 hrs
GMAT Math OnlyCovers Quantitative Section Only $400 15 hrs
GMAT Verbal Only,Covers Verbal & Analytical Writing Sections Only $400 15 hrs
Basic Math OnlyReinforces Basic Math Skills (*A $30 discount is reflected in the price)$200 6 hrs
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Structure of Each Session: 

TRAINING: Where we go over the methodology, common problems, and test-taking tips.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Where students practice common problems in class and go over the answers

Q&A: Where we review concepts, common traps and tricks, and problem areas


Session I: Sentence Correction Part 1 

Session II: Sentence Correction Part 2

Session III: Critical Reasoning Part 1

Session IV: Critical Reasoning Part 2

Session V: Reading Comprehension Part 1

Session VI: Reading Comprehension Part 2

  • How to Formulate your Essay 
  • The 'Perfect' Essay



Session I:  Number Properties - Arithmetic

Session II: Algebra

Session III: Geometry

Session IV: Problem Solving & Statistics

Session V: Data Sufficiency 

Session VI: Probability & Permutations + Combinations



Session I

Number Definitions, Number Line,  Absolute Value, Long Division, Long Multiplication,  Basic Algebra, Percentages & Ratios

Session II

Fractions & Decimals,  Work-Rate-Time Problems,  Simple Interest Rates,  Simple Graph Interpretation,  Average, Mode, Median